For a listing in the Directory. Category: Holiday Homes For Sale - for 12 months*.     Document ref. hhn0020

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*A single listing in the "Holiday Homes For Sale" category costs 15 (15 UK Pounds Stirling) for a period of 12 months from the date of adding to the directory (*please see exclusion below). We accept submissions for any type of  individual holiday home, including mobile homes. We also accept submissions from website directories, estate agents, advertisements for exhibitions etc. All submissions are subject to review by and are at our discretion. Payment will be only requested upon completion of your entry.

It is the responsibility of the person submitting the listing request to inform us if an entry is no longer required prior to the expiry of the 12 month period.

*Exclusion - any submission that is time limited (e.g. exhibitions) will be deleted upon expiry of relevance.

You receive a short description, within the directory, of  up to 40 words approx. with a picture linking to your website (if applicable) and a text link to your website (the text link is not included in the no. of words).

If you would prefer a whole page description (linking to your website if applicable), including a listing within the directory, the cost is 30 inclusive for 12 months (30 UK Pounds Sterling). Up to 4 pictures can be included within a whole page as well as a description of up to 250 / 300 words approx.
If you do not have your own website you can utilise this method.
(*Please see exclusion above).

UK & Ireland Customers
Customers from the UK and Ireland will be invoiced by email, payable by PayPal - a secure online method of payment, or payable by cheque if drawn on a UK bank. You will only be invoiced upon completion of your entry.

International Customers
Customers from outside of the UK and Ireland will be invoiced by email, payable by PayPal, a secure online method of payment. International customers can also make payment by cheque (check) if drawn on a UK bank. You will only be invoiced upon completion of your entry.

Your entry will be included in the HolidayHomeNet directory shortly after receiving your instructions.

Methods of Submission
By Email: UK and International Customers.
Please send a description and picture(s) / logo by replying to (not case sensitive) with a Subject Heading of:
"Listing Request 0020".

Alternatively we can construct the text from your website, subject to your review. We can also copy a suitable picture / pictures from your website if preferred. Please email to this effect if this is your choice.

By Regular Mail: UK and Ireland Customers Only.
Details / floppy disc / CD can be mailed to:
5, Valley Road,
Burghfield Common,

Unfortunately material cannot be returned unless requested. A small handling charge of 2 (2 UK pounds Sterling) will be added for return of material(s).

Where applicable we offer one link to your own individual website. We do not offer links to webrings or similar. We do not offer a link to any website not wholly owned or controlled by you or the organisation you represent.

It is implied that the information received for a listing within the directory is accurate from the date sent.

Thanking you for your custom.
Our personal attention is assured at all times.
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